Dream #1

Last week I awoke from a wonderful dream. I was at a house which was Mom’s house, except it was very palatial, with deep, royal reds adorning the walls and carpeting, rich complementary colors and hues which spoke of opulence. Mom was there and the time was ‘now.’ It felt so natural, some time passed where we were just chatting like any other day before I realized this could not be the case, that Mom was gone.

“Honey, I came to tell you that I can be with you for a year, one year, okay? Then I have to go back.”

“What do you mean?”

“I am being allowed to be with you, for a year’s time,” Mom looked at me in a way to communicate she knew what a difficult time I was having recently. Like always, Mom knew.

I got the sudden feeling she must have stormed heaven’s gates, relentlessly asking God to return to me this way, under these conditions.

“You can be with me all the time, this year?”

“Yes, I can.”

“Then,” I replied, “I don’t want to waste a minute. I was us to be together every minute of every day.”

Mom smiled. “Let’s go out…”

Next in the dream we were in a crowded neighborhood, almost like New York, and a man with a fancy coffee cart was there vending coffee. Mom pulled out her purse, “Let me treat,” she offered.

“No, I’ll pay!” I said aloud. Mom busted up laughing. She had been pulling my leg, it was a joke! I looked at the man vending coffee and asked, “You don’t see her, do you?”

“See who, lady?” he was impatient.

I laughed and paid for the coffee.


Dream #2- the next night

I awoke again from another wonderful Mom dream.

I was at work, and was furiously scribbling in times I had worked. I put so many marks on my timecard, then thought hopelessly how I had been working nonstop for so many days. In the dream, I felt I needed to go see Mom, who was at Sunrise. I told my boss, who was within earshot, “Look, I need time to see my Mom…”

She said some words about my having an hour off for lunch.

“I can’t see her in one hour. There is no time to visit by the time I drive there.”

She said I had two days off the weekend. I had been working split shifts and by the time I could leave for good, Mom would be asleep.

“I don’t want to wait til the weekend. I want to see her today.”

I left for lunch with Eric, and he said to me, “We’ve got this worked out. Your Mom knew you wanted to see her. Ron and I worked it out. Soon they will be building a place where you two can visit, right here at work. But until then, we’ve got it covered.”

As we headed to the parking lot, I followed Eric’s lead, still upset that I couldn’t visit with Mom. As we went toward the car, I saw Ron standing outside the car, and Mom was inside, sitting in the passenger seat. Ron was talking to Mom and gesturing wildly with his story. Mom began really laughing! I looked at Eric and was so happy.


Dream #3

I skipped one night, then was awakened by another Mom dream.

Eric, M, and I were headed into a fabric store. It was retro inside, and the line divided so that the customers nearest checkout were at the register, and those needing to be checked out next were a little ways back. Between the two, shoppers passed into the store.

As we drifted through the cross-sected line, I saw Mom’s back, up at the front ready to check out.

“That’s my Mom!” I called out.

“It can’t be,” Eric replied.

“It IS, I know my MOM!” I responded. Eric was walking fast and not inclined to stop. I called back, over my shoulder, “Mom!!!?” And Mom turned, and I saw her in profile, and she was aware of me, but wouldn’t turn all the way, like she was teasing and being intentionally sneaky. It was like she was amused and playing a game, in fun.

I went into the store, and there inside… was a big field, like a pumpkin patch, but filled with sunflowers. The autumn light filtered through the tall plants, and also there were decorative sunflowers there, with smiley faces. It was gorgeous and sweet looking. I smiled. “This …. is why life is beautiful!” I thought.

We went across to another area, inside the store now, and I was following the sound of Celtic Christmas music. There was a woman there doing crafts with a baby by her side, and she would show the baby her work. I went to the right side of them, then back. The woman called me over. “You don’t have a sweater for Christmas, do you?”

“No, I don’t,” I replied.

“This is for you,” she said, smiling. “It is a beautiful sweater and will look so nice on you.”

“I can’t just take it?” I said.

“It’s yours,” she winked, “You won it.”

I looked at the sweater. It was beautiful and sparkley and so well made. She then gave me a Christmas dress which was a slip dress, in red. It turned into an autumn dress in muted browns and rusts. Both were lovely.

A few steps later on, another woman offered to give me another dress. “I can’t take all the dresses?” I puzzled. I didn’t want to be selfish, and everyone was gifting me with free things!

“This is yours,” the woman insisted, “and look at the story of the design.” She pointed to a book which showed the dress had been made by a designed who took ideas from late 1800’s farm dresses, exactly the period I had been studying. It was wrapped up, so it was a surprise until I would get home.

I continued to be puzzled as to why everyone was handing me free gifts, and then I awoke.

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